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    Blackview Rugged Smartphones USA. Sold by SWT International. The only stateside distributor in the US with a local service center. We ensure you have the best experience with Blackview Rugged phones. Ships from U.S. 3 Days Expedited Delivery. 1-Year U.S. Warranty.

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    VoicePing P-one

    P-one is a simplified Android Phone that prioritizes communication and ease of use. Specially designed for seniors and kids to keep in touch, P-one makes 4G calls on AT&T and T-Mobile.

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    VoicePing Teams

    VoicePing Teams Best Long Range Walkie Talkie - Nationwide coverage via Walkie Talkie App on Cell Phone. Works on WiFi and 4G. Unlocked. Compatible with AT&T & T-Mobile.