• Singapore

    Operating Address: 2 Venture Drive, Vision Exchange, #08-05, Singapore 608526
    Mailing Address: 8 Eu Tong Sen Street, #18-81, The Central, Singapore 059818

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    Samsung XCover

    Get the Samsung Galaxy Xcover 5 and Galaxy Xcover Pro in Singapore

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    CAT Phones

    CAT Phones Singapore CAT S42H+, CAT S62 Pro sold and warrantied in Singapore

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    Buy Your Blackview Rugged Smartphone from Singapore. Next Day Delivery. 1 Year Singapore Warranty.

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    Want Simple and Cheap Walkie Talkie? $88 for a Pair of Baofeng BF-88E Walkie Talkie. Can be used indoors, or outdoors up to 1KM.

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    Get Nomu V31D-Ex Zone 2/22, 2 Years Singapore Warranty.

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    VoicePing Teams

    Voiceping Teams is a simplified Android Phone that prioritizes communication and ease of use. Specially designed for seniors and kids to keep in touch.